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These episodes are really the core of Optimize Your Video and what we've identified as direct response video elements that they have worked with our clients throughout the years.
This section is filled with swipe and deploy video triggers, on-site tactics and when to use them in the videos you create or outsource.
If you're wondering things like, "I have a video or video idea for my business, but need some direction..." this is for you.

You're going to gain access to the main sources of information we use to create and develop the video scripts and elements for every kind of promotional web video from sales page videos, opt-in videos, to screen capture videos, consisting of:
  • Outlines, swipe files, and complete blueprints
  • Complete workflow for different types of web videos
  • How to tie-in EVERY feature of your product
  • Converting website copy to video scripts
  • 7 Step "Idea Joggers" for your videos
  • 9 Step "Plug-N-Play Video Script Generators"
  • Idea generator trigger words for video scripts to insert wherever you want
  • Offline video promotional talking head marketing techniques and swipe files
  • Creating your own talking head videos for offers throughout your business
  • First-frame display tactics and examples you can use
  • Video page load optimization source codes and interactive video
  • A 6 part step-by-step complete breakdown on taking audio interviews to webinar videos
Want to increase response from video testimonials? You'll get several ways to do video testimonials without having to hire a crew for $5k to get feedback about your business and:
  • What to watch out for when getting testimonials
  • How to streamline the process
  • Swipe file questions to ask and camera positions
  • Mastering "play list" video marketing
You are going to find out what editors and producers talk about behind the scenes and what's inside their treasure chest to spice up talking head and web video promos such:
  • Lighting and color
  • Using related backgrounds
  • Eye level and headroom
  • Complete font rolodex
  • Using talking head and motion text
After being around and working with professional presenters of a combined total of 15 years, we've broken it down to some simple methodologies to follow that cover:
  • When and how to use Power Point to assist your message
  • Swipe files and ideas to opening with good headlines
  • Keeping momentum in different types of video presentations
  • Guidelines and ideas for your presentation
We also bring in guest presenters for you. In these episodes, you'll see what others with large fan bases for their web video presentations are doing to be a success:
  • From different styles in keeping their fans interested in what they have to say
  • To the physiology of presenting in front of the camera for video
  • Using subliminal background triggers and relevance shots
"I feel compelled to say that your course material far exceeds the definition of "Over-Delivering".

While I like the a majority of other video courses... other courses pale in comparison to what you guys deliver."
Steve Dougherty
"You guys rock!

After implementing what I read in OYV, my company's growth is phenomenal.

This package is an encyclopedia for online and offline video producers."
Gopal Krishnan

"Your membership is PACKED full of the juiciest, most relevant and up-to-date materials. I'm absolutely blown away with all the high-quality videos and courses.

Your training on Camtasia and creating video sales letters alone were pure gold! Wow!"
Jefferey W.
Toronto, Canada
"I'm STUNNED by how much AWESOME is inside this membership!

Thanks so much to you and Josh for creating such high-quality, value-laden material.

I can't wait to get more free time to just spend a few undisturbed hours browsing!"
Brian McLeod
This module is all about outsourcing your work while achieving results, or just streamlining the process of doing video yourself.
You will see exactly how you can turn complicated video creation into easy solutions and workflow processes that comes from working with hundreds of clients through email, in-person, or over the phone and with countless discoveries on what was works
This module currently includes complete webinars and rolodexes where you'll see how you can easily have others create custom videos for you from companies across the web. You'll see where you can get custom videos created for ANY budget by selecting a few text, visual and music options.

These episodes will save you thousands of dollars because we cover what we've learned after a combined 15 years of working through concept to completion of web video.

You'll see how to outsource this process completely with:
  • The right way to find and hire talent
  • What to know up front and what to avoid
  • What you should convey when outsourcing your video creation
  • Hiring local video companies, web video companies, and freelancers
We cover all angles so you can pickup workflow like a pro and save yourself from headaches and lost revenue with:
  • Case study and swipe file for call-to-action points
  • How project time lines work
  • Speeding up workflow and time lines
  • Tips for web video integration
  • Efficient workflow blueprints for choosing stock images
  • Using the video outsourcing middleman strategy
You'll also get a complete roulade of streamlined resources and companies for:
  • Niche video templates
  • Offline video creation
  • Brand able and intro videos
  • Custom web video creation
This modules includes swipe files and tips for creating:
  • Video sales letters
  • Affiliate video promotions
  • Offline "off-camera" promo videos

If you've ever wanted to create a video or audio based product, especially a video training or screen capture based product and publish it to the web, this section is for you and covers both the Mac and PC side. including:
  • Fast, cheap, and easy screen capture blueprints
  • USB headphones and pre-amps
  • Fixing blurry screen capture or video
  • Complete Camas & Cam Studio training
From now on, you'll never have to go searching around the web for the missing pieces to create video sales letters as you'll now have complete video walkthroughs on:
  • Using builds, transitions, and effects to make engaging presentations rather than boring slide shows
  • How to create video sales letters with Power Point or Apple Keynote
With Scott also being an offline video producer, you'll go behind the scenes of video production sets so you can see how it's all done behind the scenes through:
  • Professional "white backdrop" video studio setups
  • Video setups in several different "field" locations
  • Dramatic "off-camera" video interview styles
If you've ever wanted to create audio products for the web, you'll get a full video series on how to use the free audio creation program "Audacity that covers:
  • Noise removal
  • Microphone placement
  • Adding music
  • Recording settings and techniques
  • Getting rid of "popping P" sound
You'll get complete step-by-step ways to do the video product creation or website video creation process that will shave several hours of testing and hundreds of dollars in capture, encoding and publishing software along with different tips and best practices for what to do with your content afterwards.

With several different examples and pre-planning ideas for you to pick from, here's just a few that we cover:
  • Creating webinar recording with skype
  • Single camera jump cuts from medium shots
  • Applying content insertions and overlays
  • Creating straightforward presentations
  • How to do off-camera pieces
  • Instantly overcoming camera fear
  • Using images with talking head videos
  • Outsourcing and creation workflow strategies
  • Creating master files for publishing of any type
Every once in a while, we get permission from clients to share their sales and marketing process and what made it a success.
These case studies can give you winning ideas you add within your own business and web video marketing.
Since we are constantly create videos with clients for their websites and marketing funnels, you'll get ongoing case studies with complete swipe files that have been used with success for our own clients within our own businesses.

From now on, you can finally see and understand how successful web video marketing models works. In these case studies, you'll see:
  • How to have "congruent video funnels"
  • Two-step video funnels and the exact landing pages used
  • High-ticket item video sales letters that convert
  • Highlights, key points, and TRIGGERS
  • Using "video interconnections" on your video pages
  • Tying in script-writing and "video product proof"
  • Ways to show your product in action
In just a few of the case studies, you'll get access to:
  • A "video fusion" promo with a 74% opt-in rate
  • Talking head video scripts
  • Multiple upsell and downsell video funnels
  • Video training content examples that generated over 40 pages of blog comments
  • Complete visual flowchart of a 7 figure product and video launch sequence
You'll access step-by-step blueprints that cover how to create video for different types of viewers when just starting out. In these videos and blueprints, you'll also get:
  • How to come up with video creation ideas
  • Video marketing strategies and case studies
  • Video strategies for varying markets
  • What's needed for talking head videos
  • Distribution options for max consumption
  • YouTube traffic generation methods
  • Maximizing response through video dynamics
  • The key to video flow that maintains attention
  • Checklists to ensure your videos flow properly
  • Josh's podcasting solutions, case studies, and presentations
  • How to improve delivery and access to your video content
  • Podcasting overview and delivery concepts
As someone with an online presence, you need to know the "why" behind what you're doing. Instead of just "making video" you'll see exactly why you should create specific triggers that deliver certain outcomes.

In this module,you'll see how we've created video sequences for six and seven figure product launches and how you can too. You'll also get access to video presentations with swipe files and the working diagrams covering a wide range of web video business concepts such as:
  • 1 Million Dollar Video Marketing Product Launch bird's eye view
  • 7 video landing page triggers
  • The EXACT script blueprint for talking head video squeeze pages
  • 7 proven strategies for video syndication
  • 7 ways to maximum response for talking head videos
  • 2 quickest ways to make videos for your business
Web video marketing, creation and syndication is all the buzz right now and in these episodes you'll get step-by-step walkthroughs that cover:
  • Direct response video distribution strategies
  • Targeted traffic generation techniques
  • Step-by-step exposure maximization for your video
  • How to submit, track and monitor results
  • PLR content licensing strategies
  • Best practices when creating videos for licensing
  • Establishing yourself as an authority through niche video sites
  • Free and paid distribution tips that will save you time
You'll get swipe files on how to add direct response strategies when distributing your videos that give you more exposure for any product or service you market. These are simple and only take a few seconds to add to your videos.

When syndicating your videos, you'll need to know where to send them, how to get traffic, video keyword optimization, and how to use the free and paid distribution video systems.
There are several ways to use embedding strategies on landing pages, long form sales pages, corporate style sites, lead-in pages. In this module, you can see many of these client examples and find out:
  • How each was done
  • What it was done with
  • How you can do it too
Much of this is from what we've discovered on our own, along with client feedback and conversion results for different ways they have integrated videos into their business.

Now you can see all the different ways to use these yourself, including:
  • How to minimize load time of your multiple videos
  • Working templates for Web 2.0 style start images
  • Lightbox video pop-up scripts
The number one thing that is costing people more in lost sales and conversions are poorly optimized videos with load times or buffering issues because of using poor codecs and too high a bit rate for their target market.

The optimization concepts taught in this module are some of the most basic and important. They are the easiest to apply but also the most overlooked. We estimate that more than 90% of people publishing video on the web today either do not realize the importance of these simple principles or completely get it wrong.

If you are going to put a direct response video on a website it should be optimized and embedded with a professional grade direct response website video player that can stream it instantly with little or no buffering. You'll get the key factors on encoding that effect how you deliver your videos for:
  • Bandwidth and buffering
  • Multiple Specs and settings
  • Sizing and Integration Specs
These can be used by anyone to immediately boost loading times, conversion rates, reduce file size and bandwidth bills.

This knowledge gives anyone who knows how to leverage it a true advantage over their competition.

From what many webmasters we work with have told us, the offline professional production world in large part simply has never been taught what it takes to optimize their client videos for streaming on the web. We have built a loyal following of several marketers who publish video on the web and thousands of clients all over the world:
  • The uses for different types of players
  • Autoplay vs. Non-autoplay strategies
  • The best practices for multi-track video players
Over the last three years, we've experimented and worked with hundreds of clients to see how the different types of placement, subliminal triggers and optimization techniques work and we are going to share all this with you so you have a lifetime advantage over your competition.
Podcasting is the wave of the future of marketing and if you haven't expanded into it, you are letting your competition take the lead. Now you can take the next step into the future of mobile media, content delivery, and podcasting.
Scott has co-developed entire iTunes Stores and Josh owns one of the most respected publishing platforms for delivering podcasts, so we know a thing or two about podcast creation.
Get on top now, and you'll still be on top next year! In this module, you'll get access to our:
  • Blueprints to video podcast marketing
  • Podcast site directories, resources, and submission services
  • "All-in-one" video publishing settings for podcasts and mobile media
  • Podcast video creation for mobile media syndication
  • Tips for embedding video for iPhone, iPod, and iPad
  • Integrating podcasting into your business instantly
  • Quicktime and iMovie podcast publishing tips
  • Delivering all your content through RSS feeds
  • Publishing your content to the iTunes Store
So your customers see the value in the podcasts you deliver, you'll get different copywriting templates we've used with our clients so you can easily convey the value of your podcasts to your customers.
Get instant download access to 30 Standard and Hi-Defintion royalty free video templates and video intros for marketers that can be used for talking heads, Web 2.0, social media or promotional style videos. Our clients love this product and have paid between $67 - $117 for this product alone!
If you are currently adding video on your websites, on YouTube or anywhere else online, these video templates will optimize your videos and add the midas touch.
Think about it, even if you have a video that isn't the best of quality, you can add a professional :15-:20 intro to it and WOW your viewers!

Each video come with brandable and non-brandable options for niche markets such as:
  • Health & Living
  • Wealth & Finance
  • Business & Marketing
  • Training Videos & E-Learning
  • Personal Development & Mind-set
There are also several "generic" intros that can be added to any videos that fit the role of:
  • Hollywood & YouTube
  • Web 2.0 & New Media
  • Big Business & Product Benefits
  • Entertainment & Informational
  • Social Network & Content Sharing
Get access to our own extensive resource index that you can access at any time. Easily integrate this royalty free content to any of your videos you are creating or outsourcing.

The great thing about royalty free content is that you can integrate it with any of the "Done-For-You" video creation solutions so you can customize what your vision is and keep creative control as much as possible.

This resource collection is constantly being updated for those who need:
  • Music tracks
  • Brandable video intros
  • Customizable video templates
  • Chroma key outsourcing
  • Green screen footage
  • HD content
  • Motion design templates
  • Stock imagery and clip art
  • Animations and effects
We constantly access this treasure chest for clients when creating custom themes though out several niche markets, so regardless of who you deliver your message to, you'll find related media to use that will give you clarity in your message.

Scott covers EXACTLY how he reverse engineers all these resources to come up with the concepts and scripts for his videos. He shares this methods with video friends who have linear thinking to open them up to a whole new streamlined way of video creation and now you can know exactly how to have the same type of creative mind-set.
Most people try different settings when uploading their videos to YouTube, and we'll show you the exact settings and specs you should aim for to create the same high quality videos that we upload to YouTube for many of our clients.
There are so many different video optimization and creation strategies that often get overlooked, can integrate directly with your business, and are very unique to marketers such as:
  • Software for increasing traffic and subscribers
  • High quality and HD playback specs
  • Wide screen specs and parameters
  • On site page load optimization
  • On site embed tricks and codes
  • YouTube autoplay and integration tips
  • Clear video settings for mixing screen capture and video
One of the coolest, easiest and quickest ways to create and send out a promo video to your customers is by using a few of YouTube's custom creation tools. In this module, you'll see how exactly these types of videos are done. When we saw this done, we were amazed at how simple, yet powerful this was.

There are several ways to market on YouTube and in these episodes, you'll get a rolodex of resources for:
  • Video marketing tools
  • Syndication platforms
  • YouTube outsourcing
There are several innovative ways to publish and optimize your media when notifying your subscribers of new content.
In this module, you'll get access to strategies, resources, settings, and publishing techniques for delivering your media that include:
  • Securing media in blogs and membership blogs
  • E-mail to podcast delivery marketing
  • Using content delivery networks
  • 2 Different ways to create free podcasts
  • Load balancing content and media rotation
  • How to maximize premium podcast publishing
  • Complete step-by-step blueprints for multimedia based membership sites
  • Securing media file source urls delivered in premium podcast feeds
  • Security features for premium membership, podcast, and rss feed content delivery
  • Tools for streaming all your video and using interactive video with a few clicks
  • Different styles and strategies for opt-in video pages with video
  • Client case studies and swipe files to use as your own in campaigns
  • Our "all-in-one" content delivery strategy and the resources to make it happen
  • How to create your own FREE iTunes Store podcasts
  • Step-by-step "click here, now do this" blueprints
For your video marketing, you'll also get special podcasts that spill the beans on:
  • Unique ways of keeping customers and subscribers happy while they consume your videos
  • Examples of the step-by-step approach that Scott, Josh, and their clients use for media delivery
  • How to eliminate video download link issues that customers would otherwise e-mail you about
Video can take up loads of bandwidth and you'll get access to a rolodex of different content delivery networks and the complicated world of how they work will be simplified.

Whether you're delivering multimedia through iTunes podcasting, streaming or progressive download, you'll see all the different ways to simplify these processes.

If you want to use the popular Amazon S3 or Amazon Cloudfront to host all your video content, now you can see how easy it is with our Complete Guide to Amazon S3 and Cloud Hosting. This process has now been completely simplified and streamlined where you can see right on your screen exactly:
  • How to set-up an S3 account
  • Using the S3 Fox Organizer
  • How to deliver content from S3
Just the Amazon S3 section alone contains 16 videos of pure content. They are simple and complete with, "Here's how you do this, now go here, then do that" style of delivery so you can figure it out fast.
Your video membership isn't complete without jam-packed resource indexes and multiple rolodex guides that we use for creating website and local videos for clients.
Whether you're looking for the right lighting, cameras solutions, or tools to use for your video presentations, this module will come in handy for any budget you're working with.
Simply put. in these episodes, we're giving you a massive head start on getting your videos and squeeze pages created.

Depending on how you want to present yourself, what camera you choose can be one of the most important decisions you make so here are the deciding factors we cover for you so you make an informed decision:
  • Mini-Tapeless prosumer cameras
  • Standard Def cameras
  • Hi-Def cameras
  • Tapeless professional cameras
  • External mic options
  • Price point breakdowns
  • Money saving techniques
  • Doing it professionally
  • Mobile device teleprompters
  • Affordable On-camera teleprompters
You'll also find out more video tips such as:
  • How to finding great prices on equipment
  • Where to go for ongoing video buying research
Get access to our complete treasure chest of cost-saving tools we use for:
  • Encoding and video file tools
  • New web video apps and plug-ins
You also get access to our professional voice-over resources we use that delivers amazing results to all of our clients who now have a professional presence on the web. Now you can have that same presence with our:
  • Voice over talent pool resources
  • Rolodex of voice talent we use + members' only pricing
  • A special report on "Hiring Voice Over Talent" to save you $$$'s
If you already have your own videos and just want to add music, then download, drag, and drop any of the music clips from our royalty-free music selections so you can inject these in to your project workflow. These tracks are:
  • Royalty-free use
  • Used for short intros
  • Under 1 minutes in length
  • Alternative 2-3 minute tracks
Let's say you already have a video created and want to add it to your site for a promotion, you can just use any of your proven video squeeze page templates to increase your conversions instantly. These are the same style of squeeze pages you see all the big companies and marketers using to get opt-in conversions of up to 80%!

In simple terms: Video + Video Squeeze Pages = Higher Conversions/More Money

You get several different packs that include the editable html and psd files with:
  • 28 different options to choose from
  • Optional color choices for arrows, designs, and backgrounds
  • Tons of "Add To Cart", "Tweet This", "Tell-A-Friend" and "Social Bookmarking" images *
  • ins and source files
These designs will slip right inside your video marketing with flexible:
  • Styles of design, professional looks, and with an overall clean feel
  • Email opt-in placements, themed marketing fonts, and trigger elements
In this module, we cover how we built a few other six figure web video businesses from the ground up and how you can too!
If you'd like to generate profits, create repeat clients and streamline client relations, this might be the one module that can start a new era in your life.
You see, not many solo and creative artists that create web videos can say that they've worked with hundreds of clients, maintained repeat business and figured out the positioning strategy that attracts highly affluent business owners and friends with money coming to them over and over.

However, that's exactly what we've done over the last few years with our video publishing companies... and it hasn't been challenging at all, which is why this module was created after requests from several members who wanted to know how we did it and you'll get access to the complete details right when you join.

With this information, YOU too can transform your knowledge of creating web videos into the powerful, money attracting business model we created that's generated well beyond six figures without ever paying a dime in advertising!

While the other 12 modules were created for our own private, professional use, and personal reference, this module was created to answer many of our members' biggest question, "How do you make money by creating videos for others?"

If you share that same question with some of our members....

Then this module will answer that question for you, so here's exactly what you get:
  • How to develop, craft, and phrase your offers so your clients come to you without resistance
  • How to keep your overhead low without looking cheap to constantly net profits on all your projects
  • Where to get the right start-up resources without spending hours of wasted time
  • How to acquire and maintain great clients while having a constant stream of income and projects
  • How to develop price points so you can match your offers to your market
  • How to follow-up with clients for more business where the process stays completely natural
After working with hundreds of video creators, we've realized there are 6 pieces of criteria that you absolutely, positively MUST know for any type of video services business model, and those are:
  • The difference between offline video and web video creation
  • The single most important core factor of web video creation
  • Creating the right offers to fit your market
  • The importance of web video workflow and how to master it
  • Positioning yourself as the "go-to" video person
  • Extracting all the right information from your customers with ease
Fortunately, we've figured out the answers to all six pieces of criteria and and now you can have access to it as well.

This package includes 4 episodes that cover all the main points for starting and streamlining your new web video service + a special episode for creating packages for local web video.

Here's what you'll get access to...
  • Episode 1. A Complete Video Creation Service Overview: Outlines the key points to use at all times so you can avoid any hassles and costly mistakes.
  • Episode 2. Website Video Integration and Optimization Strategies: Lays the foundation for working with clients, integrating videos, and how everything ties together. (Video: 28 minutes)
  • Episode 3.Video Creation Business Models, Workflow and Client Relations: Covers all the different strategies we use when working with clients to create an iron-clad service. (Video: 1 hour, 8 minutes)
  • Episode 4. Client Acquisition Strategies and Market Positioning: Shows how to acquire and maintain great clients who become your biggest fans. (Video: 26 minutes)
In the original version, we joined forces for a mastermind in Boise in Josh's studio. We discussed what will always work in web video creation for direct response.
This series has been cut down to only include the most relevant, powerful, and up to date content. In other words, all filler has been cut out to only include what's been tested and works to this day.
We've broken each episode up with itemized guides so you can just cut right to the chase to see the settings, examples, templates, tricks, and resources we recommend.

Here is a bit of what you'll discover in this module:
  • Concept to completion workflow
  • Creating "clutter-free" videos programs
  • A treasure chest of more time and cost saving tools
  • Outlines, charts and examples for efficient creation
  • Autoplay and non-autoplay video headline tactics
  • How to create effective intros and Lead-in styles
  • Creating a message to "match your market"
  • Swipe files we've used to double our clients' response
  • Discover what video style works best in your niche
This mastermind quickly became one of your most important resources for online video publishing strategies and techniques when it first came out and has proved the test of time with ongoing web video creation.
"Ok, Josh and Scott... Let's Wrap This Up!"
Remember, we created this membership for our own use as well. We needed a place were we could compile our best tools and resources for quick and easy access. This is what our businesses are made of and exactly what we share one on one with our high profile clients and colleagues in our inner circle.

We are constantly updating and adding episodes for our members. This is why we have such a high retention rate because our members love the new "real world" cutting edge content. training, and resources we are constantly adding.

You can be on your way to producing high quality videos using Optimize Your Video as your gateway to unlock the true power of professional level web video in your business. Get instant access by joining now:
Solid Quality Delivered
We stick to the content of the subject and deliver solid quality.

The membership is clear, concise and to the point with optimal navigation and quick access to specific topics, training and tools.
Easy "One Click" Cancellation
Instead of making it hard to cancel, it just takes "one click" inside the membership to cancel at any time.

You never even have to contact us unless you want to.
Simple Refund Policy
If for any reason you are not satisfied, just let us know within the first 30 days and we will send you a refund.

Plain and Simple.
"I feel compelled to say that your course material far exceeds the definition of "Over-Delivering".

While I like the a majority of other video courses... other courses pale in comparison to what you guys deliver."
Steve Dougherty
"You guys rock!

After implementing what I read in OYV, my company's growth is phenomenal.

This package is an encyclopedia for online and offline video producers."
Gopal Krishnan
To your web video success,

Josh Anderson and Scott Lundergan

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