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The Only Timeshare Exit Service That Takes The Title Of Your Property Directly & Uses A Licensed, Bonded & Insured 3rd Party Escrow Service & Title Company To Protect You Till The Job Is Done.

You are most likely on our website because the thought of making another maintenance payment on your timeshare makes you a little sick to your stomach. We know because we have spoken with thousands of others that are in your position. If you are not ill with one or several of the following symptoms then you are wasting your time reading any further:

  • Out of control maintenance fees
  • Your timeshare "investment" is worth next to nothing
  • You are tired of vacationing in the same spot every year
  • It does not suit your lifestyle to book vacations 7 months in advance
  • You are worried about passing this burden onto your children
If your timeshare ownership fits this description then please keep reading! We can help!

The people that created the concept of the timeshare were brilliant. They realized that the money was not in the original sale of the property, but in the maintenance fees that followed year after year. Most timeshares are deeded properties that end in perpetuity. This is a fancy way of saying you will pay for them till the end of time. If you pass on, the liability goes to your heirs.

We Won't Let That Happen has created the only real solution to getting you out of your timeshare burden for good. The process is simple, straight forward, and protects you the entire time. Here is how it works.

What Is The Catch? How Can We Afford To Take On Your Burden Like This?

The reason is able to help hundreds of people a month get out of their timeshare burdens is because we have a way of getting rid of the Timeshares ourselves. There are companies, such as vacation groups that are looking for great timeshare buys, but the process is too time consuming to purchase them 1 by 1. They look for aggregators like that can provide 100's or 1000's at a time. It is because of this and only because of this that we are able to take over your timeshare title.

Is This Legitimate? Why Would We Tell You Our Secret?

We know you are aware of how many scams there are in timeshare resale (at least we hope you do now). Nobody works for free, and you know that. So we want you to know that we are not saying we do this for free. In the end we get to make a profit. That is how we can offer a legitimate service that helps you save tens of thousands of dollars. If your timeshare qualifies, we will pay the closing costs and work with you at no cost. Even if you do not qualify for our best option we still may be able to help by pointing you in the right direction. Give one of our qualified timeshare exit consultants a call today to have hassle free, no obligation conversation about your needs at 1-877-583-0646.